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A Pennsylvania Relocation

A Pennsylvania Relocation

A 12 inch 0.375” wall pipe was partially exposed in a small tributary stream near Wallingford, PA. Our customer determined that the best way to correct the exposure was through a relocation by open cut methods. This project included the relocation of approximately 200 feet of pipe and removal of the old pipe.

Extensive shoring was required to hold the ditch open in the wet unstable soil.  Dewatering was a challenge due to saturated soil and ground water. All dewatering was done with trash pumps discharging through filter bags over haybale structures.  It took four weeks to complete the project and restore the stream banks.


The project site was in a narrow creek bed. The access was by means of a road that had to be matted under a bridge. This access road led to the work site. The work was being done during the summer.

The new line of lay was established and locates were called. The work began by exposing the tie-in points by using hydro-excavation equipment. The new line of lay was then open cut between the two points. Holding the ditch open required shoring. Once the shoring was installed the pipe fabrication began.

There was a chance that the creek would flood. As it turned out flash flooding did disrupt the work. One rain event took out the shoring, mats, and filled in portions of the excavation.


All welds were 100% X-rayed. The entire relocation assembly was backfilled, and weld caps were installed. Then the 200’ length was hydrostatically tested.

The existing line was then drained. Great care was taken when the line was opened. TOR's were welded on and a vacuum truck with a stinger sucked any remaining product from the line at the tie-in points. Sealed catch basins and absorbent mats were used to catch any drips when the pipe was cut.

As soon as the pipe was cut, the new section was lined up, clamped, tacked and finish welded. After X-ray the pipe was placed back in service.

The exposed pipe section was removed, and the ends grouted and welded shut with steel plates. Seed and erosion control blankets were placed, and the worksite was cleaned up. All mats were removed from the access road.

Aside from the flood event which caused some work to be done over, there were no safety or environmental issues on this project

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