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Stations Gas & Liquid

From our founding in 1951 station construction and maintenance has been a mainstay of our business. We’ve worked for many of the major oil and gas companies. In our capacity as general contractor we have built everything from small gate stations to large and complex compressor stations with inlet and outlet piping from 4” to 42” in diameter. 

Greenfield stations were typical when the country’s infrastructure was being built. Now many stations are built before the old stations are demolished. Minimizing service interruptions. Handling hazardous materials, lead and asbestos abatement, cutting and handling contaminated pipe and fittings are now a part of most station rebuild and upgrade projects. Environmental protection is an important part of any construction project and very important with station work since residential areas have built up in close proximity to station. 

Often a station can be made more efficient simply by upgrading components. Examples include changing orifice meters to ultrasonic. Or replacing an old prover loop with a compact prover and automating all controls and valves. 

Automation usually requires power, digital control wires and sometimes fiber optic cables. Midwestern Contractors has the capability to self perform and execute all stages of station projects completely, down to restoration and fencing. 

Our customers design the project and issue the bid package. Our job is to execute it safely and successfully. We do this by:

  1. Careful planning long before the project starts
  2. Following the drawings and specifications
  3. Rigorous adherence to permits
  4. Outstanding safety planning and safe work plans
  5. Well trained and Operator Qualified (OQ) employees
  6. Attention to environmental protections
  7. Exploration by hydro excavation, and documentation of all foreign utilities
  8. Utilizing skilled and experienced fitters and welders

Count on Midwestern Contractors to build your station safely and efficiently. Call or submit your bid requests.

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