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Pipeline products

Pipelines deliver energy to our homes, businesses, manufacturing plants and transportation infrastructure. In short pipelines enable a higher and healthier standard of living. Pipelines also transport nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and biologically generated methane gas. 


Renewables and carbon dioxide

Biologically generated Methane is produced from human and animal waste and is captured in a variety of ways. For example methane capture at sewage treatment plants, cattle waste gathering systems at dairies, and gas capture from landfills. All of these methods are sustainable ways of producing methane. 

Biologically or industrial generation of carbon dioxide is another candidate for transport through pipelines. This gas can then be injected into rock formations with an affinity for CO2 and subsequently sequestered. 

Design Build Capability

Since our founding in 1951 we have built and maintained industrial gas and ammonia lines. Now we are the general contractor for a recently won design build, biogas project. This seven mile pipeline and associated valves and regulation equipment will transport landfill generated methane to an interconnect point where it will be injected into the natural gas transmission stream at 900 psi. Midwestern Contractors is responsible for right-of-way acquisition, environmental surveys and controls, engineering and design, construction and operation.

Midwestern Contractors have a long history of working with natural gas, bio-gas, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen lines. These new gas products are no different than any other gas, and still require high strength, coated, and cathodically protected steel pipes, valves and associated regulation and metering equipment. Compression enables these gasses to be transported hundreds of miles from source to consumption, injectrion, or storage point. 

There will be a high demand for contractors with a proven ability to safely construct bio-gas and carbon sequestration pipelines.

Midwestern Contractors is prepared to respond to your RFI’s and bid requests. 


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