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Case Study: Natural Gas Interconnect & Meter Station

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thanks to hydraulic fracturing technology natural gas in now abundant in the United States. This abundance has created many opportunities to utilize gas as feed stock in the petrochemical industry, liquify it for export, and connect more communities by extending the distribution system. Midwestern Contractors (MWC) is proud to be a part of this expansion of the nation's gas infrastructure and recently built an interconnect and metering station. This project involved over a mile of 24" high pressure lateral, extensive civil work to prepare the site for the meter station. Fabrication of all M & R piping, installation of the ordorizer and inlet heater, footing and foundation work, control buildings, drive ways and pads. In addition to this all electrical power and control wiring was self performed. 

 Fabricating Pipe For MR Sta

Station Piping

Pipe String1  Pipe Lowered In

Installing the lateral

Concrete Work2  Bore

(L) Pouring control building foundation, (R) Boring under an existing pipeline

Site preparation required segregation of all top soil from the Right of Way and the station area. A large amount of civil work was required in order to create the retention pond. Most of the inflow to the retention pond was from surface drains. The out flow was standard concrete storm sewer structures and pipes. All civil and storm drain work was self performed by MWC. 

All fabrication, fitting and welding of pipe was performed by MWC welders. The gas heater and odorizer were trucked in, lifted, placed, secured and connected by MWC fitters. The heater lift alone was about 100,000 lbs. 

Heater Lift2 (1)  Heater Stack

 Heater and heater stack lift

Welding A Riser  Flanged Reducer

Welding a riser (L). Finished reducer (R) 

Gas Heater Wiring   

Heater controls wired

After the project was complete all top soil was restored. the area inside the station was covered with geotextile and gravel. A gravel service road was built. The retention pond was seeded and covered with straw mat. 

Finish Grading And Restoration

The entire project took four months to complete. This station will be in place for decades giving our customer trouble free service. Midwestern Contractors builds to last, and builds safely. No incidents or accidents occured on this project. 

Welding For Bore  Welding Seam Of Hot Tap

Welding lateral (L), Welding stoppel (R) 

Hydrostatic Test (1)  Under Hydrostatic Test

Hydrostatic test underway

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Project Map

project map

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