Our tradition is integrity.

Safety has been our legacy for over 60 years.

Midwestern Contractors recognizes that safety is an integral part of execution and profitability. 

So much so that we employ 4 full time safety professionals and the Director of Operations is a ‘CSP’ (one of the highest safety designations available worldwide). We believe strongly in modeling our training on behavior based safety methods where we develop strategies to understand why people make unsafe choices and then put procedures and training in place to improve or change these unsafe behaviors.

We believe training should be more than just fulfilling a requirement; it should be meaningful and appropriate for the scope of work being performed. We put each employee through a rigorous training process to fully understand and mitigate the hazards that are involved with their daily tasks. Our scope of work ranges from underground pipe installation to tower climbers installing antennas on cell towers. This puts us in a unique position to need a wide range of safety expertise to not only keep our employees safe but to continuously improve and evolve our overall safety program. This is done by investing capital in our safety program and using a top down approach where everyone in our company from the owner down to field employee is involved in maintaining and developing our program. Along with our safety professionals, all of our officers, managers and foremen have a quota they have to fill for conducting jobsite safety audits every month. These audit results are reviewed and used to formulate company-wide safety action items. Our efforts and money spent have resulted in an Experience Modification Rate of .73 (2016).

  • Providing a safe workplace is the responsibility of everyone in our organization. All employees have both the ability and obligation to take corrective action when faced with an unsafe condition.
  • Safety and health considerations must be taken into account in the estimating and planning phases of all work.
  • Management must be intimately involved in our safety efforts and must lead the way to continuous improvement in our safety processes.
  • A highly trained workforce is a key component to our success. It is essential for all employees to possess the skills to identify risks and protect themselves from safety and health hazards.
  • Accidents in the workplace are not acceptable. We can and will achieve an accident free jobsite.
  • A safe workplace is a productive workplace. Safety can never be compromised.

A legacy of responsibility.

For over 60 years, we have built an environment within our company where safety is everyone’s responsibility. In all phases of every project, we accept nothing less than an accident-free jobsite. We believe that having a safe workplace leads to a productive workplace, and we’re dedicated to having the highest level of protection for our employees, our customers and the general public.

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60 years of experience in the natural gas and petroleum industry

Look over our project map. If your projects are located in this area we can help you with any type of Pipeline, Station, Distribution or Maintenance work.

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