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Second RNG project completed by Midwestern Contractors & Electric Conduit Construction

Renewable Natural Gas, fiber and water project completed by Electric Conduit Construction and Midwestern Contractors


In the fall of 2022 and into 2023 Midwestern Contractors (MWC) and its parent company Electric Conduit Construction (ECC) completed their second renewable natural (RNG) gas project. But, in addition to RNG the trench contained a fuel gas line, fiber optic cable and a water line.

MWC and ECC can deliver turnkey RNG projects. This project was a good example because, our capabilities in electrical distribution, pipeline construction and fiber optic construction came together in one project. READ THE CASE STUDY


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Distribution cable             2,700’

Poles & cross arms           17

Distribution voltage         15 kv

RNG steel line                    10,000’

Operating pressure          900 psig

Fuel gas line                        4,500’

Water line                            4,500’

Fiber optic cable               10,000’

Directional drill                  1,000’ 8” ream

All fiber was blown through conduit. ECC terminated all fiber and distribution cables. MWC tied in the RNG, Fuel gas, and Water. MWC conducted all hydrostatic tests and pressure tests.

As demand increases for renewable energy and the grid becomes distributed, the need for contractors with construction capabilities in pipeline, power and communications becomes more attractive to customers. ECC and MWC are ready to serve the needs of the renewable energy industry.  

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