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Pre-school Kids Learn About Pipeline Construction & Safety

The preschool kids in Zanesville, Ohio learned new things about pipeline construction from one of our project managers. Mr. Storm Clark spent about one hour talking about underground construction and how fuel and natural gas are delivered to keep people’s cars running and their homes warm.

The kids were able to learn fire resistant clothing, hard hats, vests, and safety glasses protect workers on the job. They decided what safety colors to use when they colored in an outline of a pipe-laying side boom. They also asked questions about our work. Some were interested in the machines we use. Others could not wait to try on a hard hat and feel how their head was protected when their classmates knocked on it. The wrap around safety glasses helped them understand the importance of eye protection.

Mr. Clark was very impressed with the questions they asked and hoped that his time might spark an interest in construction and a deeper understanding of the importance of pipelines to efficiently deliver energy to their homes.

Midwestern Contractors is a 70-year-old underground construction company specializing in building oil, distilled products, natural gas, renewable natural gas, carbon dioxide, industrial gas pipelines and infrastructure. With an award-winning safety and quality assurance program Midwestern Contractors builds multimillion dollar projects for energy companies and natural gas utility companies.

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