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Midwestern Contractors Wins 2022 PLCA Safety Award

Midwestern Contractors was among twenty-four companies that received the Pipeline Contractors Association ( 2022 Safety Award. This award is for superior safety performance. This mix of companies included pipeline construction, right-of-way services and pipeline consulting. Each company’s safety performance was evaluated and had to meet the following criteria:

  • Zero fatalities,
  • A Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) of less than 1.0
  • Days Away from Work, Restriction or Transfer (DART) of less than 0.50

Our foreman, Crews, PMs, and safety managers are the ones who work safely each day to earn an award like this. We are proud and thankful to for these skilled craftsmen who produce quality work while keeping in mind the complex safety protocols that keep them and their co-workers safe.


A strong safety culture, with workers and management who believe in it, promotes health, productivity, and a good life for our employees. We thank you for your performance.

Midwestern Contractors is a 70-year-old pipeline construction and maintenance company. Their work includes pipelines, laterals, compressor and pump stations, meter and regulation stations, gas storage fields, integrity work, and all types of maintenance. All work is in house and can be delivered as bid, T&M or EPC. Read more at

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