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Midwestern Contractors Qualifies Crews for BlackDiamond/DiamondWrap Application

Midwestern Contractors has continued its quest to be the leader in the field when it comes to crew training to meet and exceed its customers’ requirements. In addition to safety training and coating qualifications, Midwestern has certified its crews to meet the requirements of applying BlackDiamond and DiamondWrap composite wraps.

BlackDiamond and DiamondWrap are the trade names of composite wraps that are manufactured by Citadel Technologies to wrap and repair steel pipelines where anomalies exist due to corrosion. The wraps offer carbon-fiber, bi-directional material that is applied with an epoxy. These wraps offer more flexibility than steel sleeves especially on field bends and where appurtenances exist on the pipeline. The wraps also offer enough strength to be approved for DOT repairs up to 80% wall loss on steel pipelines.

In the industry, Citadel has gained the reputation for producing the highest quality product. To ensure that their product is installed correctly, Citadel must qualify personnel through both academic and performance-based training in the proper techniques to apply its product. This certification must be met on an annual basis either by re-training or by verifiable proof of installation of their product at least three times during the year.

Midwestern has taken this challenge head on and has a number of crew members certified to meet this criteria. Midwestern has also taken the extra step of having an in-house trainer for this material. This person has had to undergo extensive training to qualify to teach this installation process.

This is just another step in Midwestern Contractors’ commitment to provide the highest quality service in the industry, to meet our customer’s needs. For more information on Citadel Technologies’ products click here.

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