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A farmer in northern Indiana felt a distinct bump during tillage operations in what would otherwise be well tilled soiled. He realized too late, that he just struck a 20-inch-high pressure, petroleum pipeline. Shortly after the strike was reported, Midwestern Contractors (MWC) received a call from our customer requesting emergency assistance to excavate, strip, blast and repair any damage.

MWC shut down operations on an integrity dig. Within five hours a crew was on the site along with a company inspector, and excavation began. Fortunately, the coating took the impact, and the pipe was not damaged. After stripping the coating and sandblasting, NDT was performed, and the pipe was found to be sound. MWC crew applied a Polyguard RD-6 and SPC2888 coating. The pipe was backfilled, and the field returned to agricultural production.

Midwestern Contractors prides themselves on being responsive and capable. Our customers appreciate our safety, work ethic and our professionalism.

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