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2,400' Pipe Extraction & Return to Service

Speed to market can be an important consideration for a customer when construction or modification takes place on inservice piping. On one such project the operator had no choice but to replace 2,400' of aging pipe, drilled in, and in service, for many years. This project contained a high degree of risk and required technical expertise from TTTechnologies and Laney Directional Drilling. The team was able to plan and execute with no issues on the extraction or the safety requirements implicit in such an operation. The entire project took 4 weeks. Downtime was minimized and critical infrastructure was replaced. The entire story and time lapse video, is featured in our case study located at:

HDD Pipe Extraction.

View of Grundoram and rigging

Lining up and welding string, view of string

Midwestern Contractors offers construction services and project management for all types of pipeline and station construction or modifications in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois. Care for our customer's assets and worksite safety are two core principles that we will not compromise. This high risk project was completed with out incident. Please see the entire case study, and time lapse video, at

HDD Pipe Extraction.

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