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11/12/2017 The River Front Park pipeline relocation project is now complete. The pipeline is installed and backfilled. The bike path is paved and open. The disturbed park area is now reseeded. The fence panels will remain in place to protect the grass as it takes hold in the restored areas. The fence panels will be removed in the spring. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us restore River Front Park and we thank you for helping us complete this project without one accident.  

A construction project will be underway in River Front Park, in the Village of Bourbonnais, beginning September 11th and ending on or about November 1st. This project will improve the aesthetics, and safety of the park, while also completing the required maintenance to existing pipeline facilities. During this time you will see construction fencing around the work zones and some trails will be temporarily closed. There will be heavy equipment operating and moving within the work zone. Please respect the warning signs and barriers. They are in place for your safety and the safety of your children. We will make every effort to minimize impact on the park and to restore and reopen trails as soon as possible. Our main concern is for your safety during construction operations. Your cooperation is very much appreciated. If you have additional questions or concerns please call our Project Manager Mr. Andrew Schwartz at (630) 918-7499.

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